About us

Manufacturing for over 100 Years...

Shield DepotHaving now surpassed our 100th UK manufacturing year, Shield Batteries are one of the battery industries ‘true professionals’, with a wealth of experience, expertise, and success matched by few other companies.

Being highly skilled in manufacturing with a long proven track record, Shield Batteries are renowned for delivering the ultimate quality and performance in every battery supplied. To this day, we are trusted in delivering what our customers deserve by using only the best components available to us.

How it all started

Founded in 1910 in London, the company set out by producing accumulator type batteries then in glass jars. Manufacturing progressed throughout the 1st and 2nd World Wars and then moved onto the production of hard rubber batteries.

Shield WorkshopDue to the growth and expansion of the business, the company moved to Bishop’s Stortford where the company’s headquarters and manufacturing remains today. 

Due to manufacturing limitations in the UK, we are proud of our long association with REEM Batteries from Oman who support us with the best battery technology available, in the automotive market. Shield batteries are not only renowned as manufacturers, but also distributors of batteries into specialist markets.

In 2005, Shield were appointed sole UK distributor for Crown Batteries which are now recognised as the leading choice for deep cycle batteries used in the most demanding applications such as floor care, powered access, electric vehicles, traffic light systems, etc.Shield Factory

As Shield Batteries were clearly being recognised worldwide for their quality and expertise, in 2006 they were selected to distribute ‘Sterling’ batteries into Europe. The brand and technical rights are now solely owned by Shield Batteries.

Some of our past customers include:

NASA, Siemens, RBS, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Apple, Clydsedale Bank

Our commitment to you

Making BatteriesShield Batteries are customer focused. Having acquired companies in Leicester, Manchester, Poole and Yeovil & in January 2012 acquiring a new purpose built warehousing & distribution centre just outside Stansted we are able to offer services which include flexible lead times, custom design by application, customer delivery schedules and administrative support. We maintain a solid core of business in high quality products marketed and supplied for a multiple of applications. We maintain a presence in a variety of markets including Automotive, Bus, Rail, Commercial, Agricultural, Leisure, Marine, Military, Recreational, Standby Power, etc.

We are a robust company that adapts to ups and downs in individual industries so our customers can depend on us to be there when they need us in good times or bad. We look forward to supplying and supporting you in the future