A battery application within the Agriculture sector

Agricultural Batteries

Shield Batteries offer the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting vehicle starter batteries. Shield provide a no compromise high quality product in order to meet their customer requirements.Having been a battery manufacturer for the last 100 years, Shield have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing the right battery for the right job. In recent years, the energy demands of modern vehicles have risen by up to 300% (never before has it been more important not to cut corners on the quality of the battery).

All Shield batteries are manufactured to meet and often exceed the original equipment manufactures speciļ¬cations. We use the latest technology in design and the best quality materials are backed by a continuous research and development program.

Our service to you

  • Highly concentrated energy, providing high capacity and high starting power.
  • Better corrosion resistance by use of advanced alloys.
  • Better resistance to discharge & better recharge.
  • Convenient carrying handles for ease of handling.
  • Powerful CCA for Petrol & Diesel engines.
  • Suitable for extreme hot & cold operating temperatures.
  • AGM suitable for modern stop start vehicles.
  • Complies with OEM speciļ¬cations.


Associated Products and Applications

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