Batteries for Extreme motorsports

Motorsport Batteries

Maintenance Free High Performance

If high power is priority in a replacement battery, look to Yuasa’s High Performance batteries.

  • Maintenance Free batteries; these are the Yuasa have always strived to exceed the needs of best choice for motorcycles. the manufacturers with technology that meets the demanding requirements of their motorcycles.

Maintenance Free VRLA

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) is a permanently sealed battery that never needs refilling.

Extreme Racing batteries

  • Up to 30% more cranking amps thanks to Throughout the years, Yuasa has supplied more batteries to motorcycle a radial grid design and additional plates manufacturers, than all other battery manufacturers combined.
  • Ideal for motorcycles and scooters
  • Spill-proof design means no leaks
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology that pumps up starting power
  • Vibration resistant; the most reliable battery on the market today
  • VRLA batteries hold voltage longer

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