Railway engineering

Rail Battery Refurbishment Service

Shield Batteries provide battery systems and solutions for a wide range of rail passenger and freight vehicles including diesel starter and carriage lighting. We also provide a successful rail refurbishment program to the major rail companies which we are now rolling out to other customers as required.

About Rail Battery Refurbishment

All refurbishment work is carried out to comply with our ISO 9001 quality certification and to BR’s Lead Acid battery maintenance specification TE/TP0257.

  • Battery set is steam cleaned
  • Undertake a visual inspection for damaged/leaking cells, re-watering as required
  • Re-charge with on charge temp/voltage electrical test as specified in TE/TP0257
  • On passing the above, all inter-cell/battery connections are removed, all threads are cleaned, checked and re-greased
  • All cells are reconnected with inter-cell connectors replaced as required
  • Specific gravity and OCV readings recorded and checked for pass criteria
  • Final electrolyte level adjustment as required

For more information about our rail battery refurbishment service, please get in touch.