The Battery Bank

The principle of Shield Batteries recycling service is straightforward; we will provide you with one or more containers, Battery Banks, to store your waste batteries safely as they arise. When the container is nearly full, you simply contact Shield Batteries, and we will arrange a few days later to remove the full bin and leave an empty one in its place. It is important that you monitor your Battery Bank to ensure you give us adequate notice to plan yourcollection, rather than waiting for it to be filled before calling us.Recyling Batteries

When you contact us, your collection request will be dealt with by our customer services team. All the necessary details will be taken to enable us to make the collection. This information will appear on the consignment note you will be asked to sign by the driver; therefore it is essential that the battery details are correct.The details of your collection will be entered into our database, and once all the information is verified our customer services department will plan the collection. Because we can only plan collections a few days ahead, we may not know immediately when your collection will take place.

Our service to you

  • All batteries collected will be recycled.
  • We will never dispose of material in a manner that contradicts customer’s requirements.
  • No batteries will be sold for re-use.
  • We always provide the documentation required to meet legislative requirements ruling at the time of collection.
  • All collections requiring weighing are done so by using ‘weights and measures’ approved weighing equipment.
  • Batteries will be collected within 10 days of collection request.

Tailored customer waste collections available upon request.‘Our Mission’ build on the assumption that there is an intrinsic value,personal reward, and financial reward in producing andsupplying tangible products and services that offer customershigher quality and more value than they expect to receive...