Batteries for marine vehicles

Marine Deep Cycle Batteries

The Shield leisure range is designed to supply a much lower current over a longer period of time to enable lighting, water pumps and even televisions to operate. The battery has the ability to constantly discharge and recharge to a greater degree, compared to the starter battery during its normal life. This is known as deep cycling.


  • Advanced semi-traction technology
  • Convenient carrying handles.
  • Featuring a magic eye, enabling easy battery condition check.
  • Manufactured with robust polypropylene case.
  • Standard post & threaded stud terminals.
  • MF Marine - sealed & maintenance free.
  • Vibration resistant.

Why a Marine battery?

A car battery is designed to provide a large amount of power in a short space of time to enable starting the car, and then being quickly recharged. A marine battery on the other hand is designed to store power and release it over a much longer period of time.

Undoubtedly you can use a starter battery for your marine application but it is unlikely to work very well in the long term & will almost certainly fail prematurely..

The Shield Leisure and Marine range are high quality deep cycle batteries designed for use in caravans, motor homes and boats. A vared choice of amper hour ratings of sealed & non-sealed batteries all with convenient carrying handles provides great value for mony and impressive deep cycling capability making them ideal for a multitude of leisure applications.


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